Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Beat Konducta in India


I know this has been around for a few months, well almost half a year now, but it's managed to keep its place in my more laid back rotation since i bought it. I first heard of it when I saw this awesome ad for it on youtube:

Considering the "bollywood" style kinda got played out a couple of years ago, it's incredible how much time I have for this release. It's something to do with listening to it as an album, so you can hear the concept through. The vocal drops and intros to the tracks add a load of atmosphere and depth which really allows the style to be appreciated in a different light.

As usual, Madlib adds his own flavour by the bucket load, getting incredible grooves from disparate sounds. I loved Redman over the intro and as mentioned above, the atmosphere of the whole record is awesome. Concept albums aren't all that common in Hip Hop, but the Beat Konducta has the ability and insight to pull them off.

↓ The Rumble ↓

Madlib: website / myspace

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