Tuesday, 4 December 2007



Mick Boogie's back and he's hooked up with Bussa-bus to bring a very fine mixtape offering indeed. "Dillagence" is a collection of J Dilla beats with new verses from Busta Rhymes, all nicely put together by Ohio's mixtape king. Highlights include "Baggage Handlers" with Raekwon, "Psycho" with Cassidy and Papoose and three new Rah Digga verses. Most of all, it's good to hear Busta run riot over a bunch of non-pop beats; it reminds me of earlier parts of his career. It's also nice to hear the sincerity in his voice when he's speaking about Dilla.

Of course, the beats are more than on point and not much needs to be said on that front. I'll leave it to Busta Rhymes and Ma Dukes to explain Dilla's significance, obviously as one of the finest rap producers and beat makers in this here history of hip hop.

↓ Dillagence ↓

Mick Boogie: website / myspace

J Dilla: website / myspace

Busta Rhymes: website / myspace

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