Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Jnr. Panfast - Born at an Early Age

Junior Panfast

from Junior Panfast's Myspace blog:


'Born At An Early Age' is an 11 track collection of beats, demos, tracks or whatever you want to call it which i'm putting out for free for anyone who's interested.

These tracks have been around before in various forms and were recorded during 2007. I'm very proud of them and i hope you dig them. I didn't really want them sitting on the shelf collecting dust.

1. I Will Always Beat You
2. Havie Hatstand
3. Loser Talk
4. Maigo Desu
5. N.C.
6. Roll
7. Watered Up
8. Travel The 'I'
9. Grow
10. Bad Trip On The Bus
11.Themes From 'Fourcalm'

Thank you in advance for listening, there's a drink in it for anyone who makes it to the end.

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