Sunday, 3 February 2008


Just a quick post about the Montreal artist, Ghislain Poirier, who i am currently enjoying. Signed by Ninja Tunes, (who are one of few british labels from the early '00's who have managed to stayed relevent, with Diplo & TTC signed among others. R.I.P Grand Central Records!), Ghislain is a Dj / Producer after our own hearts, making and playing dirty, bouncy, glitchy beats designed for dancing without the restriction of time, genre or location

Most significantly his album: "No Ground Under" has just dropped in the US and he's touring the globe. You can see him in the UK on the following dates:

Feb. 13 - EDINBURGH - Big Toe's HiFi @ Wee Red Bar (DJ set)
Feb. 14 - GLASGOW (SCOTLAND) - Sub Club (DJ set) (w/ Jahcoozi)
Feb. 15 - LONDON (UK) - Electroworks (Live set)

Also his track 'Blazin' with vocals provided by Face-T is on full release and is definately worth your hard earned cash. There are also some good remixes worth checking out Modeselektor's & Starkey's are my favourites so far.

Here's Ghislain latest mix, an uptempo, glitchy, hiphop stomper, released to promote his new album:

↓ Bastard Bass Mix ↓

And my personal favourite, a good remix of an already good tune:

↓ Span Rock - Bounce [Remix] ↓

p.s. If your liking the Bounce remix then check out ESG

Click here to buy Ghislain's music

Ghislain Poirier: website / myspace / label

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