Tuesday, 4 March 2008

This Is The Goodness 2 tees have arrived!

tees tee

See you this Saturday.

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super squishy!!! said...

oh-oh-oh-oh!!!:D I just saw and heard the goodness t-shirts are out!:D aaaaaa!!! Yeeey!!! is there a size for me ??? is there? is there? i wanna piece of that design goodness! :) u know i'm a size 4! the midget size! xxxxxs lol! and u also know i deserve it boys! :P can i get one pleeeeeaaaassseee!!! :P (if i could blink with these sexy eyelashes for u to see, i would definitely do it now! look!!! (blink-blink-blink!!! :P)
one for me dammit or i'll get all buck and beat ur lil' a*ses! lol x x x