Sunday, 20 April 2008

Still bigger than...


Flufftronix sent us this rather awesome remix of Dead Prez's anthem, Hip Hop, and as far as we're concerned, it's about time someone did something with this besides the Unkle remix of a few years ago. We here at don't subscribe to the certain tunes shouldn't be remixed rule; we're like the libertarians of mix-culture. You could call us the Ron Paul of club... on second thoughts, nah.

Flufftronix is someone to watch out for in the burgeoning club/remix scene in the US. He's DJ'd all over with the likes of other favourite Curtis Vodka and has produced a bunch of remixes and edits that have found their way all over them internets (been told we can't utter the ineffable "b____sphere" word any more).

A couple of his remixes are below; the aforementioned Hip Hop remix plus a bit of an exclusive, Flufftronix's remix of M83's Graveyard Girl which is on a completely different tip but nicely illustrates his range and influences from rap to experimental electronica.

↓ Bigger Than Hip Hop (Ghetto House Remix) ↓

↓ Graveyard Girl (Flufftronix Edit) ↓

Flufftronix: Myspace

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