Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Bringing the Bass...

When Alpha Neil kindly invited me to contribute to this blog I knew that I had to dig out some real gems for my first post. I dug out a couple old boxes of records I haven't seen in a long while, and pulled out these two killer basslines I'd almost forgotten about...


First up is the 1983 boogie classic 'Gimme the Funk' from the Charades. A little bit of record noise on the intro but considering this French Maxi-45 spent a fair few years in the damp basement of an old house in Camberwell I think it survived quite well! Bouncy 80s synth bass business, with a fair helping of cheese. We love it!

Charades - Gimme The Funk (Instrumental)


Next is an obscure minimal house groover, 'Mosdenia' from Swing Tech. I used to play house and this record was given to me by a guy who owned a club where I used to DJ in the Middle East. It'd been handed to him on a trip to the US, with a phone number on the label on the other side. The one google result for this record suggests that its Sacramento based house producers Karizma and Jado. I might try that number sometime!

Minimal dubby production and tight, snappy drums leave plenty of space for what is clearly the centrepiece of this track... that deep-ass sub bass. Hear this on a club system and prepare for the diving bassline in the break to wreak havoc with your internal organs.

Swing Tech - Mosdenia

Charades: Discogs

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