Saturday, 5 July 2008

Charity Shoppin'

Made a trip to Edinburgh the other week and hit up a few quality establishments while I was there. Didn't manage to make it over to the record shop on Cockburn Street which I usually visit (can't remember the name), but did manage to spend a decent amount of time in Oxfam Music on Stockbridge. As the name implies it's music and music-related items only and as opposed to selling rare 12"s at 50p, they actually price the music appropriately. While this means a higher price for the consumer, it means that there are usually people in store who know about what they are selling. Basically, if you walk into a charity shop in the UK and they're playing Giorgio Moroder, you know you're onto something, and I was.

I might post a few more of the gems I picked up , but for now we'll stick with a couple Electro-Pop and Hip-House offerings.

↓ Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me (Disco Mix Instrumental)↓

↓ Twin Hype - For Those Who Like To Groove ↓

Rockwell: discogs
Twin Hype: discogs

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