Saturday, 4 July 2009

Summer Holiday

Things have been a little quieter this week so thought we'd bring you up to speed. Mr. Neil was in Vienna enjoying the schnitzel while a minor heatwave in the UK caused everything to slow down a little. Never fear we still had our ear to the ground. This is what we heard...

Alexander Robotnick - King of Weird

Fool's Gold sent us this awesome video of Alexander Robotnick in the studio with Ludas Pinsky. With several new productions out, the Italo legend is definitely worth keeping an eye on. Check his youtube account for some weirdness.

Alexander Robotnick: myspace

Kid Who Fine Art Mix

fine art

Been seriously digging Kid Who's mix for Fine Art. Keep checking the Fine Art podcast and their show on Samurai FM for a taste of this beautifully paced, 85 minute, disco chugathon. We'll post it as soon as we get the nod. In other Kid related news; he and Alpha Neil were in the studio again this past week so look for the results to surface on your favourite social network very soon (not facebook, the other one).

Kid Who: myspace

New Goodness Mix!


Speaking of mixes, we're back at it again. After almost a year since our last offering we decided it was time to bring everyone up to speed on what we're digging. Includes jams from Mock & Toof, Devlin and Ghostdad, Black Meteoric Star, Kid Who, Alpha Neil, 6th Borough Project, Major Lazer and more! Should be up in the next few days so check back.

Laminate Radio


Was at the Horse and Groom in Shoreditch on Thursday for the Reprise night featuring an appearance from DJ Die (yes, he of Full Cycle/V fame) with his and Gus Pirelli's new act, Laminate Radio. Apparently the Bristolian has a new alias; Blue Fontaine, and a new direction in the form of unadulterated, classic boogie. I've seen this guy play to thousands of people so it was nice seeing him playing to a small room of disco heads. Fun was had by all.

Laminate Radio: myspace

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Kid Who said...

thanks for the props as always brother!!