Wednesday, 5 August 2009

D-Malice - Praise

We've been hearing a lot about the genre known as "Funky" over the last couple of years. Our first contact was a few sporadic requests at gigs but we had no idea what people were asking for: did they mean funky house, electro-funk, p-funk or classic, james brown funk? The confusion led to inaction and as time went on, we assumed "Funky" was a byword for "Bassline", another brilliantly monikered genre, with a similar family tree.

A bit older and a little wiser, we're now slightly better equipped to briefly explain the cosmic depths of "Funky". Having risen from the ashes of 4x4 UK Garage, "Funky" seems to encompass everything from wobbly basslines to lush, tech inspired tracks like the one below. Impressive range for such a young genre. It's great to see the UK sound-system and pirate radio scenes taking a step back from the Amero-mimicking, wannabe-gangster precipice it's been so close to for the last 10 years and making some great accessible dance music again.

↓ D-Malice - Praise ↓

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