Thursday, 13 August 2009

DJ Sabo - Ghetto Palms Cumbia Mix

So this is the second time in a couple of weeks we've belatedly featured a "new" musical style, but this time, instead of bumbling through an incomplete explanation, we'll happily defer to the good people at Wikipedia who have a little more experience in these matters. So go read the wiki on Cumbia and come back and download this awesome mix from Turntable Lab's Sabo. It's the latest in the formidable "Ghetto Palms" mix series from The Fader.

01. Oye (Dub)-Greenwood Rhythm Coalition
02. Las Mil Caras (Lagartijeando remix)
03. El Pescador- Uproot Andy
04. Kuff Kumbia - Sabo & Cassady
05. Un Nino que Llora en los montes de Maria (KC remix)-Petrona Martinez
06. Curura - Sabo & Cassady
07. Soundbwoy Cumbia- Sabo
08. Trocitas de Madera (KC version)- King Coya
09. Esa Loca Cumbia - Sabo & Cassady
10. Kalise (Frikstailers Remix)- El Guincho
11.Solo - King Coya
12. Cumbia Kamisama - Frikstailers –
13. Pasconcito (dj N-Ron Rico mix) - Afroditas
14. Cumbia - Harry Choo Choo Romero
15. La Tortuga - Michel Cleis

↓ DJ Sabo - Ghetto Palms Cumbia Mix ↓

via The Fader

DJ Sabo: myspace

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