Saturday, 25 August 2007

Junior Panfast - E.S.E.P.

Junior Panfast - E.S.E.P.

Our mate Panfast has been making beats and mixtapes for a good while now and he's always nice enough to send stuff our way. We had him play at What's Good? in March where he debuted along side a fresh faced Mucka Steez, spinning all sorts of funk, hip hop and beat business to an appreciative crowd.

The deal is that Junior P has a 12" on sale at Juno records and folks who don't have one should cop one now. It's very reasonably priced and if you don't have "roses groove" in your party crate then your edit game is just not strong enough. One side is edits and the flip is original material (check patti, nona and sarah for some nice soul sampling ala RJD2).

Junior Panfast vs. The Goodness

We also did a short mixtape for the promo release back in march so double the fun for you.

↓ junior panfast - roses groove ↓

↓ junior panfast vs. the goodness - the e.s.e.p. mixtape ↓

Junior Panfast: myspace / website

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