Monday, 3 September 2007

Scottie B-mo Club Medley

scottie b money lotion

Can't believe this is the first Baltimore Club post we've made but there we are. I first became aware of B'more back in late '05 while studying for final year exams at uni with many an hour spent downloading and hearing stuff on mixes from people like Diplo. One thing I remember thinking is that this music is far too fun to study to. B'more is a love or hate thing. People either seem to go nuts for it or hate the simplicity and rave-iness of it, which is understandable because it's fairly minimal, has been around since the early 90s and largely relies on two breaks for most of its tracks: the "sing sing" break and the Lyn Collins "think" break. That's what I love about it though: it reminds me of other post-rave styles before they got a bit shit (drum'n'bass anyone?) and it kills in the club.

Scottie B is one of Baltimore Club's godfathers and has just released a Money Studies 12" in the Money Lotion series which you can buy at Juno, Turntable Lab and other good retailers.

This here is a medley - yes a medley. Haven't seen one of these on 12" for a while and I don't believe I've ever seen a B'more one, so here it is.

↓ Scottie B-mo Club Medley ↓

Unruly: website
Money Studies: website

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