Thursday, 6 September 2007

Who's Boo Slinga?

jump n' shout
↓ Basement Jaxx - Jump n' Shout (Boo Slinga Dub) (1999)↓

sunday shoutin
↓ Johnny Corporate - Sunday Shoutin' (2000)↓

↓ Timo Mass feat. MC Chickaboo - Shifter (2002)↓

Was looking through some old house stuff and these three caught my attention, the Basement Jaxx remix especially with nice ragga verses over beats that remind me of Sinden's style. I looked Boo Slinga up and can only find this remix so if anyone knows who he is you can be our 2nd comment - holler!

All of them take me back to the London scene of 7/8 years ago with the garage/house feel. "Sunday Shoutin'" sounded surprisingly decent when I put it on this afternoon and there's something about Chickaboo's sickly delivery on "Shifter" which sparks crazy nostalgia for every pre-grime garage mc I ever heard, good or bad.

Shout to Lush FM and the Ibiza '01 crew.

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