Sunday, 4 November 2007


"what does it mean to be a graphic designer? - Sadism" [Brent Rollins - 2006]

A member of NYC's creative collective, Ego Trip, Brent Rollins recently exhibited "Fly Girls - a visual E.P and remixes" in Los Angeles, showcasing a mix of spraycan, photocopied and screenprinted artwork exploring the form of hiphop feminity, receiving widespread critical acclaim.

Starting work at 18, when Spike Lee asked him to design the logo for "Mo Better Blues", he followed it up with his iconic "Boyz n the Hood" logo. Since then he has forged the career of dreams in various creative disciplines. As a graphic designer, he has created music artwork for Spank Rock, Gang Star, Blackalicious and Run DMC among any others, tee's for HVW8 and Supreme, stickers / decals for the cars on the film 2 Fast 2 Furious, loads of posters, loads of club flyers, and music logos, for most recently spank rock.

As a writer, he has co-written and designed, ego trip’s "Book of Rap Lists" and "Big Book of Racism!" which lead him onto co-producing and art directing tv shows inspired by these books for VH1.

Oh, what else... he was the art director for Quannum Projects, Larry Flynt's magazine "Rap Pages" (a heady mix of hiphop culture and pornography) and Bobbito Garcia's book "Where'd You Get Those?" He's created insainly long murials for Nike and Undefeated, worked with Sony and Virgin, magazine covers for Tokion, XCLR8R and Rolling Stone, and artwork for Rawkus Records, Manhattan Records (Japan)...

...He also created one of my favourite music artworks, the technically and visually impressive cover for Spank Rock's 2006 "yoyoyoyo" debut album:

Brent's new tee for heavyweight is now available for cash. A simple typographic affair with smile-raising lyrics. Get it now, before they're all gone from the hvw8 store:

Brent Rollins: website
Ego Trip: myspace

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