Monday, 5 November 2007



We've made a few posts referencing Mucka-Steez but haven't really told you who he is. I could write an appropriate introductory paragraph but why not hear it from the man himself?


"Back after some time out, Mucka's here again on the grind making moves with The Goodness as the project's latest member. You may know him for consistently smacking it on the UK freestyle circuit and rocking spots around West Yorkshire as an MC and as a DJ. Now he's developed his "that lad from round your manner" style into his very own style of Bradford Bout it Bout it shit! Look for Young Steezy (your muckas favorite mucka) to drop some mixtape business before the year is up and keep checking listings for live dates and info. Official!!"

That pretty much sums it up. Mucka used to host some of our nights at What's Good? and we've started working on some stuff. Look for remixes, original tracks, mixtapes and who knows what else from Mucka and the Louis Luggage Club. He's also going to be posting on here so keep an eye out.


Here's an example of one of his remixes. I think it's a suitable track to get you familiar.

↓ Boy Mucka's Here ↓

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