Sunday, 30 December 2007



Thought I'd bring you up to speed in case you don't already know. U-Tern is a DJ/producer from Canada and works at Beatstreet(.ca), which is one of Canada's most respected record shops. He also presents a weekly show on Brooklyn Radio which is just about always awesome, playing electro/disco/house/punk and bits of rap as well. He really outdid himself this week though, putting together a mix called Forgotten Realms, which is on a slightly different tip from usual with loads of soul, psych and random samples.

U-Tern from
"Basically, I went through my old recordings/samples (from the hip-hop days) and mixed a bunch of them together in a mega-mix style. It’s all over the map: soul, disco, psych, prog-rock, funk, latin, library, french, lounge, mostly foreign music, and lots of weirdness!"

check it out below

↓ Forgotten Realms mixed by U-Tern ↓

U-Tern: myspace

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