Thursday, 1 October 2009

Memory Tapes Releases Album, Samples Basketball

It's been a memorable summer (ahem) for the man behind Memory Tapes, Dayve Hawk, with his brand of dusty, lo fi, synth pop taking over a sizable portion of blog land. If we had to crown a Goodness king of summer, it would be a not-very-macho fight to the finish between this guy and Washed Out, both of them incorporating sampling into their synth based setups to devastatingly blissful effect. But putting fantasy indie death matches to one side, the issue at hand is Memory Tapes and his new album, "Seek Magic" which is out now. Get your hard copies here and the digital version here.

Also posted below is the most recent leak from said album, "Green Knight", to our ears one of the most complete Memory Tapes songs to date. Fluffy, anthemic, synths, heartland guitar, a driving bassline and a piano breakdown featuring the sound of a bouncing basketball with trainers squeeking on wood flooring in the background. Excellent, and just the kind of weirdness we've come to expect from Memory Tapes.

↓ Memory Tapes - Green Knight ↓

Memory Tapes: myspace

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