Thursday, 1 October 2009

Jonathan Jeremiah - Happiness (Morgan Geist Remix)

In the world of internet hype, characters like Jonathan Jeremiah stand out a bit. Rather than writing songs, recording them on the nearest bit of available equipment and hyping them into oblivion on the web, Jeremiah saved up for seven years so he could afford to pay a legendary group of session musicians to play on his album and record the whole thing in an analogue studio. With such dedication to sound quality, it's not surprising that his already released e.p. is sonically a little different from the average; his music captures the most flattering side of the 60s and 70s crooner orchestras but with the emotion, world-weariness and authenticity of a seasoned blues or jazz singer on vocals. You can buy the E.P. here and as far as we know, the album will be out in the near future.

Below is one of the E.P's tracks remixed by a favourite of ours, Morgan Geist. If you heard his recent "We Make It Good Mix", then you'll appreciate he's been on a downtempo, balearic pop vibe as of late, perfectly demonstrated on this remix with buttery bass synths, reverb'd cowbells and Jeremiah's voice fitting perfectly into a completely different soundscape to the original.

↓ Jonathan Jeremiah - Happiness (Morgan Geist Remix) ↓

Morgan Geist: myspace
Jonathan Jeremiah: myspace

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